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A Soldier's Prayer For the Army

Almighty God, with an upright heart I have left my dear ones at home, to defend my country against its enemies. My thoughts constantly go back to them. They are thoughts of love and of anxiety. I ask You loving God to keep a watchful eye over each and every one of them. Soothe their hearts and help them to bear my absence patiently. Protect them from the dreadful dangers of war.

O my Lord, I ask not much for myself ~ just only courage to perform my duties well. I offer You this day and every day my thoughts, words and actions as prayers of faith in You, of hope in Your provident care, of love of You and Your justice. May my prayers parallel all my service and sacrifices for my fellow comrades, my family and my country, protect them all and bless them now and forever. For all those who have died welcome them into your loving embrace. Gracious Lord, lend an ear of compassion to the supplication of a soldier ~ your child ~ serving my country to the best of my ability out of love for You.

Borrowed from Malcolm Grow Medical Center, 89MDG, Andrews AFB
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